Summary 2017

Hi guys =)

Well, 2017 it’s finally coming to an end… and I know this year hasn’t been the best (talking about productivity). Just wanted to share a bit of what this year has been for me.

First, work. Working and working and working… that’s how the year has passed to me. I joined an international company last year and the present one has been crazy. For an entire year, we’ve been working 12 hours per day, six days a week -well, not all Saturdays we had to go, but almost. Not complaining of how many hours we’ve worked as we been paid really well… which leads me to the second point –> Doujins.

This year I’ve bought more than 50 doujinshis of all the artists I’ve been following through the years and now I think I can tell I’m satisfied xD It’s going to drive me bankrupt this new obsession of mine, but hey… It’s completely worth it xDD (to me at least). You can have a peek to my collection in here >>

So those are the main points for this year to end, work & doujins.

But that’s not all, of course. Even if I haven’t had all the time I’d wished for drawing and writing, I have practiced a little. I haven’t shared many things, but I’m still working. Also, I created my own domain by accident ^^U I need some time to think about what to do with it xDD

So yeah… I’ve been lacking much time this year, but I hope next one will be a little more relaxing. I want to focus on finishing my fanfic and a project in which I’ve been working along with usuratialmant all this entire year… *sigh* We’re very excited about it, but we can’t still afford sharing anything at all as we don’t know if we’ll be able to keep the pace ='( It’s a very long project, believe me >__<

What else…?

Hmmmm… ù.u

Oh, yeah. This has been the year of "colds" lol
I don't usually get ill… But I think due to working so, so, so much, I've been catching cold after cold since August. Also got the flu -from which I had been safe from for more than 15 years… Also got bronchitis (almost got hospitalized for that). And all that in less than 4 months xD yey for me!! \o/

And well, I think that's all about this year.

I hope next year will be more productive than this one, and also to share more things. I miss being active in here. And I miss you guys a lot.

Wish everything is going fine with you -or at least better than me xD


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