Watercolor practice

Hi there, guys! =D

Nope, I’m not dead xDUu

I’ve been working a lot for the last year, and now is coming to an end. I hope this few months left will go away ASAP!! >A< Now that I can see the end, I’m getting anxious.


For now, here you have a timelapse of the practice I did today.

It turned into a total fiasco xD Not only the pic itself, but also the recording. I didn’t remember how old the camera was… so I needed to take 4 shoots to do this video. Tomorrow I’ll go to buy a decent webcam (which will also allow me to live stream =3 )

The thing is, I was practising as I’ll soon receive my new “Winsor and Newton” watercolors I bought by “accident” xD But these watercolors I’m using here aren’t as the common ones -they are liquid watercolors from a Spanish brand. Guys, really, if you ever want to try watercolor… use pans!! Or maybe from tubes, but not liquid. These ones are super difficult to work with -__- The color will be absorbed almost instantly by the paper, giving you very little time to work. And even if you’re quick, color just won’t go away with the usual techniques… -.-

I bought the liquid watercolors a year ago or so, and I didn’t work with them that much. Now I can remember why xD

Anyway, I hope I’ll be more active than the past year from now on, but specially at summer – Freedom… come to me!! (ノ⊙Д⊙)ノ

See you guys around!!

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