Watercolor practice III – Finished, not perfect

Hi guys! =D

So. I’ll let it go already. I know is far from what I could say “perfect” but I don’t want to invest too much effort in this as it was meant only for practice and experiment.

I’m newbie at watercolors so I want to move on into something else to keep learning how to use them.

I was using a paper from the brand CANSON (“Guarro” watercolor basik, 370gr/m2). While it was perfect for me to control watercolors, the moment I wanted to use color pencils it was really difficult as the pigments wouldn’t get attached to the paper. Maybe it was because of the fine grain or maybe the way the paper is pressed… I don’t really know. Hence, I’ll try using another different paper next time.

Hope you enjoyed the process.

See you next time! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

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2 Responses to Watercolor practice III – Finished, not perfect

  1. Chely, this is gorgeous. I’m excited to see what else you do with it!

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    • solochely says:

      Thanks! x3 I’m also excited about it! =D I was starting to think I was just clumsy with watercolors because of the liquid ones ^^Uu I’m glad I gave it another try!! x3


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