Hi there! I’m a hobbyist artist from Spain.

Since I was a child, I’ve always had a thing for arts -be it doodling or messing around with clay, marquetry or cross-stitch. My mind is one always spinning around fictional worlds, with different scenarios, and so my need to shape somewhat part of those thoughts. But I’m currently obsessed with Naruto -with SasuNaruSasu especifically-, so that’s what my blog will be filled with, mainly.

I think love has no gender nor sexuality nor age, therefore you are pretty much likely to find LGTB+ related stuff in this page. But haters are always going to hate. I’ll ignore any hate feedback -and delete it if it’s in my hands. So please, refrain from doing such thing. The world is already full of hate.

You can always leave me a comment if you have any question about me or regarding my posts. I’ll try to reply to whichever doubt you might have =)

May inspiration find you working!