Copyright policies

Am I the Copyright holder over my fanartworks? Yes.

Under most national laws and international copyright treaties you receive a copyright automatically in any original work as you make it. Registration may be required to exercise some rights, like commencing a lawsuit. Copyright does NOT protect ideas. Copyright protects the expression of ideas or the ways in which an idea is materially placed or expressed in the work.

What is Copyright Infringement?

To simplify this question, copyright infringement occurs when you do certain things with a creative work which someone else produced without first getting the proper permission.

Some examples of copyright infringement (this is only a partial listing) can include:

  • Placing someone else’s photograph or creative work online without proper permission.
  • Using a creative work commercially without permission.
  • Adapting someone else’s creative work found in one medium to another medium, such as making a book into a movie or a photograph into a painting.
  • Modifying or editing a creative work without proper permission.

What Sort of Things are Copyrighted?

The easy answer to this question is that just about any creative work that is less than 150 years old you might find should be considered copyrighted by default.

A work is not required to have a copyright statement printed on it or near it in order to be considered copyrighted so do not assume that the work is unprotected simply because you cannot see a notice written anywhere.

If you take my work down am I protected from a lawsuit? No.

Even if the infringing content is taken down, you may still be responsible for very significant damages if the copyright owner decides to sue you.

Now, if you have read up until here, comes  the question.

Can I re-post your artwork?

Short answer: NO.

Long answer: Depends. You can send me a private message and we can talk about it. I’ll evaluate the circumstances and will/won’t allow the repost. But anyhow, I think there’s enough ways nowadays to share a content without republishing, so I would very much appreciate if you share from my own social networks.

And I think I’ve stressed this enough but…


If you repost any of my works without my express consent I’ll report without further warnings.

Don’t let me out the party. Let’s all enjoy together.