Hi guys! =)

Just wanted to update a bit about what’s going on in my life =P

Back in September I started studying again, this time an upper degree of “Web applications Development”. I’m excited about it as much as I’m terrified xD

It’s not the first time I start studying something related to Computer Science, and the other times I just dropped it… Cause it’s insane. I’ve always thought that in order to be an IT person you must be crazy – good or bad meaning for crazy is up to you Cx  I’ve always thought of myself being a bit crazy too cause you must be somewhat obsessed on creating things (be it music, art, literature, etc), but the more you must be in order to understand anything related to computers. The thing is, I’m realizing I kind of understand the language of computers xD So yeah… I’m definetly on the dark side bwahahahaha xDD

Anyway, these past two months have been crazy cause there’s many things I have to learn about hardware and many terms I’m not that related to, and tests aren’t as easy as I first thought… But I have the consolation of being somewhat good at programming? haha ^^Uu

In another note, I reopened my Patreon again and I’m sharing some things in there =) Like, I’m offering my linearts for those who want to practice coloring and also I’ll be giving shoutouts in my social media to whoever wants the coloring they do from my linearts to be featured. The more you join, the more gifts I’ll be giving away 😉

Don’t forget you can follow me almost in any social network you can think of xD Just enter in google my nickname, and you will be finding most of my webpages.

Instagram | Tapas | Deviantart | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter | PaigeeWorld

You can follow my livestreams at  Youtube | Twitch | Picarto

Also, any support is always welcome! Redbubble | Patreon | Buy me a coffee?

And don’t ever forget! >> May inspiration find you working!!

See you around! =D

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